Sahara Desert Map

Sahara Desert Map

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Here is a map of the Sahara desert that I designed.

The Sahara desert is estimated to be about 9,000,000 square kilometers. It is bigger than the total area of Australia and almost as large as continental United States.

It encompasses Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia.

There has been speculation that the Sahara is expanding and encroaching on the Sub-Saharan region however these claims have not been proven.

Vegetation measurements taken from satellite images showed that over 11 years the Sahara ebbs and flows much like a tide and hasn’t been continually expanding.


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  1. Hi my name is Christian Bodegren from Sweden.

    I will make an expedition in the Sahara, and create a website where you can follow me on my journey.

    You have very fine maps on the Sahara desert.

    Now I wonder if I may use it on my website.

    Yours sincerely, Christian Bodegren

  2. Hi Christian, thanks for the comment. You may use the map on your website. I just ask that you credit the map with “Map courtesy of”. Also I ask that you kindly provide a link to my site from your site.


  3. Hi enviro, I’m planning to go to sahara expedition can you please help me through the whole preparation for this adventure by the way it will be my very first trip ever to any other place I’m more interested in the hardship of this fascinating place so please reply I have one year to prepare for this life changing trip thank you

  4. Becareful to journey through sahara desert, it seems not to be human friendly and may be inhabited by dangerous animals and people.

  5. Thanks for the map eniro! i was looking to see exactly how many countires it coered and how much of them, so i found just what ineed; thanks again!

    how would a project go of digging huge craters in the desert, and filling them up with water from brought from the pacific or atlantic ocean, or maybe from the ice-caps of the northpole, to make some lakes there?, or am i just a dreamer??? D

  6. I think that the deserts in Africa Asia and the north America all could be can ask for the why the reason and my advice if you want to know the detail.

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